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History of the Club

Who would have thought that DUSTY'S would have become so well established as a very special live music venue?

It all grew out of a rare opportunity, more than twenty years ago, for a random selection of top musician friends and associates, to play together for their own entertainment. How do hard working musicians ever get to hear each other play, if they are all always busy doing a panto season, a cruise, a wedding, a birthday or anniversary? Simple! They fix a gig in the middle of nowhere, mid-week, and invite whoever is free that night! No rehearsals of course! 

dusty sings.jpg

Fronted by John 'Dusty' Dunsterville on vocals and numerous guitars these men were flying by the seat of their pants and loving it, creating a widening audience for the varied line ups. The excitement was contagious and soon the word was spreading, not only to a loyal and knowledgeable audience, but even to guest bands as well.

Help was at hand from devotee, Geoff Swaffield, to handle bookings and advertising. Outgrowing one pub after another, Dusty's dream of a music club took shape, till two more ardent music fans, Ron Ryan and Mick Short used their connections with the Sports and Social Club in Holmer Green to find DUSTY'S
 a real home at last!                           

And that's why DUSTY'S  is still slap dab in the middle of every other week (for nearly 20 years) attracting brilliant musicians and bands who travel a long way for whatever the club can afford, to a warm welcome from a great audience.


Now recognised as one of the many well established clubs on the circuit, DUSTY'S is well attended week in and week out,  attracting the best talent from the UK and abroad.  The standard continues to be frighteningly good, putting the organisers under constant pressure to keep it all going - and still loving it!

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